The Utah Association of Professional Landmen is a membership-based organization that has been promoting the responsible, ethical and efficient development of Utah’s natural resources for over 50 years. Our members include employees of large oil and gas companies as well as large and small independent Exploration & Production companies, self-employed independent landmen, governmental regulators, geologists, and attorneys who represent natural resource companies in all aspects of exploration, production, and transportation of produced or extracted oil, gas, or other minerals.

The membership of the Utah Association of Professional Landmen shall be open to all professional landmen and women, and others who are directly and regularly engaged in or associated with petroleum and mining land work.

Applications for membership shall be proposed and duly seconded from the floor at any scheduled meeting and be passed upon by a majority present at any following scheduled meeting.

There shall be no restriction regarding residency. Out-of-town and or out-of-state applicants are welcomed in accordance with the accepted procedures of the Association.

Members of the Utah Association of Professional Landmen adhere to the ethics and best practice standards of the American Association of Professional Landmen.